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Almata Ashtray 01
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‘Almata’ Keens Complete Food Advertizing Ashtray

This pressed ashtray measures approx 4” square by .25” high in some sort of coated metal. It has acquired a patina over the decades following the announcement to the nursing world of this wonder food in the mid 1920’s. The ashtray has no dents, is not bent and has marks and patina consistent with its age. The only mark I can see is ‘ H B Sale Ltd, Birm’ who probably manufactured the item. I have also included a photo of a very small ‘drilled ?’ hole in one corner. No idea what it is for, except to chain it to the bar or table.........Advertizing Baby food or anything else in this way would not happen these days.

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Almata Ashtray Back
Almata Ashtray hole CU

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