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Carriage Clock and Case plus Key

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Victorian 8 Day Brass Carriage Clock & Case

In full working order and with original key and case, this is a charming Carriage Clock, made in France by R & Co around the turn of the last century.

Pickles 01

Wilfred Pickles Signature

An enduring and popular figure of the 1950s and into the 60s was Wilfred Pickles and his cheery Have a Go radio programme


World Stamps - Vintage Album

A few sample pages from this old stamp Album. If you need more detailed images or questions answered, please get in touch.

Shade 01

Hand made decorated glass shade

This handmade lampshade is probably 1930’s. It has a hand applied gold line following a spiral design.

Kipling CyMag Pattern 01

‘KIPLING’ Patterned Handbag

This striking Cyan and Magenta patterned ladies handbag is a real attention grabber. As new, very stylish and practical.

Kipling Purple 01

‘KIPLING’ Purple Ladies Handbag

This bag is ‘as new’ both inside and out, with no marks, stains, tears or scuffs. Comes complete with Kipling Logo key chain. Lovely colour.

Kipling Lilac Handbag01

‘KIPLING’ Lilac Ladies Handbag

Made from a very tactile material and in a lovely colour, this ladies handbag is ‘as new’. Complete with Kipling Logo key chain and magnetic closure.

Kipling Cyan Small Bag 01

‘KIPLING’ Small Cyan Handbag

Slightly smaller than the other Cyan bag, this bag is in excellent condition both inside and out. All zips work and with Kipling Logo key chain

Kipling Magenta 06

‘KIPLING’ Purse, Card Holder & Wallet

Handy little Purse and Card holder with three main compartments. Just the thing for your mobile and loose change. Comes with wrist strap.

Painted Egg 01

Decorated Egg on stand Depicting an Oriental Lady

This egg is beautifully painted with the design of an Oriental Lady on a black background. Stands 5”h x 2.24”dia

JEB_2556a Mr Pickwick

Vintage ‘Mr Pickwick Ashtray - Worthingtons

Vintage Worthington ashtray showing Mr Pickwick from Charles Dickens novel ‘Pickwick Papers’. In very good condition. 4” Dia.

Parker 51 Fountain Pen

Parker 51 Fountain Pen in Maroon

I bought this pen new in the 70’s and have written with it up to this date. Only ever used Black Quink in it. Works fine and wear consistent with age. An old friend.

Pencil 11a

Multi-Lead Vintage Propelling Pencil

Propelling Pencil which has four different lead colours, changed by sliding and rotating barrel sleeve. Original Leads in Red, Green, Blue & Black

Bells 07

Bell’s Scotch Whisky Sealed Decanter

Bell’s Scotch Whisky in sealed decanter and all in original box. Nice present for someone who appreciates a drop of the good stuff.

Babycham Glasses 04

Babycham Glasses from the 1970’s

Three Babycham Glasses in excellent condition. No wear, chips, cracks or scratches. Collectable pieces.

Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club Euro Rally Glasses

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club Euro Rally Glasses

This is a ‘Continental’ set of five tall glasses that commemorate the 1994 Koln Euro Rally, run by the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club. No chips or damage, slight wear to gilding. Unusual and collectable.

Nikon Way 01

‘The Nikon System’ by Geoffrey Crawley

Bought by me in 1969, this second Edition Copy is in very good condition. It is clean and undamaged except for wear to the dust cover - but even that is minor, as shown in all the photographs. No foxing, tears or damaged spine.

Hasselblad First Man on the Moon 1969 Apollo Missions

Hasselblad - First Man on the Moon  Jul 20 1969

Measuring 9.5” x 8” approx, this 32 page soft cover book is in exceptional condition. With Introduction by Victor Hasselblad, it covers the Apollo IX X XI missions and the roll Hasselblad cameras had in them.

Hasselblad Gold '10 Years on the Moon' Sticker

Hasselblad Commemorative Sticker

Depicting the moon, this sticker is approx 4” dia and printed in black and red on a metalic gold background - still attached to the original carrier paper. Excellent condition.

Kodak Exhibit Pages 4 to 6

Kodak Exhibit. Photography - Vital Tool in Reaching the Moon.

12 pages, 12” x 9” of various NASA images, depicting the roll of Photography in Space Exploration.

Nikon Macro Photography

Macro Photography with the Nikon F

Excellent condition and ‘a must’ for any Nikon enthusiast to add to the collection. Published around 1970 and written by Jerome Brown.

Onyx Lighter Front Side

Vintage Square Base Onyx Table Lighter

From the 50’s or 60’s era, this table lighter weighs in at a hefty 1lb 8oz (approx 680gm). The Onyx has contrasting colours in the veining and would have been the centrepiece of an occasional table. Mechanism OK

Guinness Ashtray Front

Vintage Guinness Ashtray, Ashtead Potters

About as good as you will find anywhere, this ashtray is in exceptionally good condition for its age and use. Made for Guinness by the Ashstead Pottery, sometime before 1935.

Almata Ashtray 01

Almata, Keens Complete Food for Babies

Vintage ashtray from around 1925, when nurses were being encouraged to feed this ‘wonder Food’ to their charges. Free samples offered by Coupon.

Drawing Set in fitted soft case

Drawing Set in Soft Fitted Case

Nice little drawing set with everything you will need to produce plans and drawings. Everything works but there is a little corrosion to deal with.

Golden Shred Brooch Front

Robertsons Marmalade Golden Shred Badge. Old.

Lovely little badge in very Good condition apart from the pin which is short. Starting in Edwardian times, this mascor has appeared in many guises - although I believe this is the ‘Standard’ Golly.

1647 Almanac Open 01

1674 Almanac in original binding cover

Looking every bit it’s age, this little Almanac is a fascinating insight into life and expectations 340 years ago. It is a very fragile document in need of a caring home.

Lady Sheaffer Fountain Pen

Lady Sheaffer ‘Paisley’ Fountain Pen

In excellent condition and coming from the 60’s or 70’s era, this is a lovely example of this compact little pen. Not cleaned or restored, no wear.

Silver Pocket Watch

Antique Silver Ladies Pocket Watch

Very pretty solid silver watch with a lovely enamel dial decorated with gold designs. Comes with a chain featuring two acorns.

Apollo 10 Badge front

Apollo 10 Commemorative Badge

This Apollo 10 badge was one of the souvenirs I brought back from a trip to the U.S. in 1979, when I went to the Kennedy Space Centre.

Apollo 17 Round Badge Front

Johnson Space Centre Souvenir Apollo 17

Another badge from the same trip commemorating the Apollo 17 Mission.


Skylab Medal 01

Skylab Commemorative Coin or Medal Pack.

Marking theSkylab Missions of 1973, these three medals come in their original hard plastic presentation pack.

Onoto De La Rue 6233 Fountain Pen

Onoto 6233 De La Rue Fountain Pen

Lovely old fountain pen - needs a bit of attention to the filler end cap to attach it to the filler, but its otherwise in good clean condition

Wyvern No 84 Nib and worn Cap

Wyvern No 84 Vintage pen

Dating from around the late forties, this pen is in very good condition although showing some signs of age related wear

Osmiroid 65  Cap and Nib

Osmiroid 65 HL black Pen

In good condition and from the early fifties. A pen with lots of different nib options and popular with Calligraphers.

JEB_3693 b

Parker Duofold c1950’s

Lovely little pen with the Parker 14K England 10 nib. I can’t see any stamp or marking on the body but the Cap Band is the correct design for this model.

Elysee Germany

Elysee Fountain Pen (Germany)

This is a very slim, stylish fountain Pen, but with a very solid 36gms weight due to its solid brass construction. It all seems to be in very good condition

Parker Falcon

Parker 50 ‘Falcon’ in Gold

One of my pens since the 80’s and a joy to use, and with its integral nib, a beautiful design to look at. Well used - never abused.

Yard-O-Led Silver Propelling Pencil

Vintage Propelling Pencil

Weighing in at 21gms and 122mm long, this Silver Plated Pencil is Made in England with Pat No 422767 and “Yard-O-Led” stamped on the Clip.

Hymns A & M First Page

Hymns Ancient and Modern Miniature

Miniature Copy of the Complete Edition of Hymns Ancient and Modern, in 861 pages of thin paper and fine print. Good used condition.

Travelon Black bag 02

Travelon Handbag and wallet

Travelon bag and Security wallet. Both in excellent ‘as new’ condition, having no wear, tears, stains or scuffs. Wallet has anti cut strap and RFID card security.

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