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Lady Sheaffer Fountain Pen
Lady Sheaffer Nib CU
Lady Sheaffer Cap and Nib
Lady Sheaffer CU Nib underside

Lady Sheafer ‘Paisley’ Blue & Gold Fountain Pen

This fountain pen is in excellent condition and was originally bought by a family member  somewhere around the 1960’s 70’s- maybe a bit earlier. It has an empty cartridge inside but I believe they can still be bought easily. The cap has no clip which is why it was always kept in a case. I haven’t tried to clean it up and don’t know if it needs a clean - not used since 1994. No wear. Length 5.5” Dia just over one quarter” Weight 16gm

Price 35.00 Plus P&P

Lady Sheaffer Closed Cap
Lady Sheaffer Paisley
Lady Sheaffer Paisley in Case

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