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Mamiya Bodies and Lenses for sale
Mamiya Body Medium Format
Mamiya Body and grip only
Mamiya Cassettes 02
Mamiya cassettes 03
Mamiya 65mm lens
Mamiya 100mm lens

Mamiya Medium Format Cameras, Lenses & Grips.

Three Mamiya camera bodies and two lenses, all model 23 I think. I’m selling on behalf of a friend and know little about them except what I’ve read on the web. Very popular medium formal film camera of the 60’s. No idea if the shutters are accurate, optics look OK.

‘The  Mamiya Press  is a medium format rangefinder camera system designed to accept interchangeable backs and lenses. The camera body itself is a simple affair, with a single-window combined range- and view-finder that couples to the lens for focusing. It has tripod mounts in vertical and horizontal positions, a mount for a handgrip for the left hand, and cold shoes on both the body and the handgrip. A number of different body types were introduced.’

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Mamiya Body for sale
mamiya cassettes 01
Mamiya cassettes 04
Mamiya 65mm Finder
Mamiya Lenses Filters 01

The cassettes, lenses and viewfinder are late additions posted 7th Mar 2016. There is also an instruction book showing how it all fits together. I can’t vouch for the working condition of any of the bits, but everything is very well made and a service will probably get things going smoothly again. This has to be a ‘sold as seen’ lot. Any offers will be passed onto the seller.

This Mamiya model was an icon of the 60’s along with the Graphic Express and MPP. Tough cameras for a tough job.

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