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Parker Duofold Fountain Pen Blue c1950’s

I have done some research to find out what model this Parker pen is, because I can’t see a manufacturers mark anywhere.The only clues are the clip and the wording on the pen nib - Parker 14K England 10. After a lot of searching, I found a comparison with a Parker Victory and a Duofold with the clincher being the slight difference in design of the band on the cap - so pretty sure it is a Duofold. It measures 134mm long and weighs 15gms empty. There appears to be a couple of fine cracks between the band and the cap edge, but barely visible to the naked eye. The gold bits are slightly worn in places as shown. The nib looks good as new, although I haven’t tried writing with it. Lovely pen - probably my mothers.

Price 45.00 Plus P&P

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