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Alien Firescape T Alien Moonscape T Angle to Milford Refinery T Blind Land Speed Attempt Pendine T
Allis-Chalmers Red T
Allis-Chalmers Rad T
Beach Trotting T
Blue Guitar Yellow Wall T Blue Paint Tiles T
Crackled Tin T
Corroded Iron on Red and Yellow T
Broken Windows T Cheeky Bird T
Broadhaven Beach T
Flag and Street Lamp Aberystwyth T Green Red Van T
Thomsons Dye Works Sign T
Don't Move Someone's Watching T Fire Spray T
Bloody Sat Nav T
I'm a Pigeon T
Old Tin Bowl in Derelict Shed T
McKelvey RIP T
Legs & Rail T Love You Beach Message T
Lyons Tea Sign T
Lakeside Farm T
Metalica T
Orange on Blue T Poppit Sands Sentry T
Misty Sheep T Red Grill Headlight T Misty Trees T
Pipe Lag Peeled Paint T
Pembrokeshire Beach T
Red Reflections T
Red Hot Pokers T
Sorry KIA T
Red Wheel T Rotten Wood T Rusty Tin Rotten Wood T
Round Bale T
St Ann's Head T Tarred Tin T
Sun Rays Conwy T
The Scream T
Stone Wall T
The Face T
Spiritual Meeting T
The Line Thumb
Milford Haven Refinery Thumb
Tree Chair & Window T
Weir Reflections T
Trotting Hard Work T Wasted Space T Weir T
Beach Buoys Thumb
Fresh Water Shower Thumb
Cubanga Thumb Porthgain Thumb Line Walker Thumb Bench Thumb
Beach Huts Thumb
Amroth Beach Thumb
Celtic Moonrise Thumb Mynachlog-ddu Common Thumb Road Stripes Thumb
Mynachlog-ddu Common and Bluestones Thumb

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