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01 Front

This artwork was produced by a good friend, Pete Hooper, who sadly died a couple of years ago. He was a talented artist with a great imagination and the following pictures show not only his skills, but also his sense of humour. All characters resided at EVC and the artwork was used to produce a Calendar to raise funds for a local charity. Click on the image above to see more of his work

01a front cover Flat

Venmore Olympic Hopefuls Is more of Pete’s artwork that shows the incredibly hard work and dedication it takes for a very good athlete to attain the fitness and ultimate skill of an Olympic athlete. At Venmore, we claim to have the fittest senior citizens in the UK - take a peek to see our secrets by clicking on the image above


I was fortunate to visit Liverpool the day before the Terracotta Warriors exhibition finished in October 2018. I also  shot some pics of the Albert Docks and the amazing mix of new and old buildings.


This is one of my all time favourite photo’s. I took the portrait around 1965 in Ashbourne and the landscape was taken in the Lake District in 1972. The two were merged in 1976 and I called it Celtic Eyes.


This is a spoof of a BeeGees CD cover - me with 2 special friends who passed away before their time much like the BeeGees. RIP.

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